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One part zany, one part comedian, one part marketer and two parts storyteller.
I happen to teach people how to tell stories and build a killer community... as a living.
Not everyone can be a teacher and a practitioner, and I'm lucky to say that I do both. LUCKILY these same concepts are the PERFECT recipe for Snapchat Influencer success.

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My stories are simultaneously hilarious and practical. Take a tour!

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I have an array of experience in Snapchat, Marketing, Branding, and Personal Development.
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Epic Snapchat Content Creation
Not sure where to start but you know you must have EPIC Creative Stories!? I can help you build a creative stories around your business or personal campaigns that are native, engaging and inspire active community engagement.
Snapchat Strategy
Snapchat is the HOTTEST social media right now, and the most challenging to grow an actively engaged community. We will crunch out a killer growth and creative story strategy to crush your Snapchat goals.
Snapchat Influencer Campaigns
Always looking for creative ways to collaborate and build influencer campaigns. If you think your brand jives with my awesome audience, let us talk about a collab!


Looking to be a digital nomad, explore the world and work as a social media influencer from your laptop!?
Then scroll through the blog and start learning your way through digital-nomadry & business.

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8 ways to Become a Snapchat Master

  8 Ways to Become a Snapchat Master   #1 Master the Art of Storytelling Storytelling is how we communicate ideas, entertain others, and sell our ideas. Storytelling is an art not a science. It takes practice and dedication to learn exactly how to communicate your ideas organically to your audience.   If you want […]

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How to Use Snapchat in Business

  How to Use Snapchat in Business In my article, “The Paradox Of Snapchat: Is it worth my time?” I explored if Snapchat really was a good investment of my time and energy. I wanted to explore the investment from a first time user’s standpoint and someone who understands the ROI of social media. In […]

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Storyselling: How to Use Snapchat to Sell like Crazy

  Storyselling: How to Use Snapchat to Sell like Crazy I want to cordially invite you to a top hat wearing, monocle-toting endeavor. This is where all the fat cats, high rollers, and Vanderbilt’s are hanging out. But before you come in, I must inform you there will be no rebel-rousers, scalawags, or degenerates.   […]

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