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Meet Austin

Hi, my name is Austin Iuliano (sounds like YULE-i-ANO).

Thanks for coming to visit my website & learn a little more about me!


Some things you should know…

++ I create and manage social media growth for agencies + corporations.

++ I provide one on one support and consulting for personal brands and startups.

++ I create online courses for entrepreneurs to build their personal brands and learn how to leverage social media for opportunities


• I am in love with all social medias. The ability to interact, engage, and influence others is simply amazing

• I am a millennial that has been known to have full conversations via gif, memes, and pop culture references.

• I teach digital marketing (social media, branding, email) regularly at


• I create self-paced marketing courses so more people can get an edge in building their personal brand through social media


• I write for, Business2Community, Small Business Trends, and Social Media Today


• I am a mini social media personality on Snapchat and


• I frequently work with top corporations. I’ve worked with Dunkin Donuts, Happy Socks, Daniel Wellington & more.


• I believe in excellence, and striving absolutely every day to become a better person than the day before

Social Media Marketer and Marketing Education

I have been rocking the social media landscape for 5+ years now, building my first business exclusively through social media and personal branding.


My first business was a massage therapy brand (yes, I am a licensed NYS massage therapist!). Later I co-ran a branding and marketing agency with my partner Emelina for 3 years. We developed websites, did branding consulting and ran social media accounts. Lots of work, lots of learning, experience and rewards. Our clients were thrilled and many of them went on to make millions of dollars.


Now, I run a digital marketing blog:

I consequently receive the pleasure of teaching thousands and thousands of digital nomads and entrepreneurs all around the country (and some in the UK and Australia!) how to market and brand themselves online using social media.


Mastering marketing doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why we provide all the resources (both free and premium courses) to make marketing easy to understand and implement like the boss that you are! Sign up at here and we’ll send you are most popular downloads for free!

You might be asking, What is up with that unicorn outfit? Are you a Brony?

I maybe a “Brony” that is still up for debate. I have never seen My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.


To me, the “unicorn” costume represents an aspect of our own personalities that we all have forgotten. We all have a unicorn inside of us, a rare and magical person who isn’t afraid of being judged. It is there to make the world a little more joyful. We all have our own unique crazy personalities, and the more we embrace them, the better life can be.


I dress up in the unicorn costume because I believe we all live in a world of status quo. We are afraid to break out, make a little noise, and do something crazy. We move through life, living day in and day out, without recognizing the magical world we live in. Whenever I dress up and do something silly in the unicorn costume or any costume, I show people how fun the world can be.


It can be as simple as knowing I gave someone an interesting story to tell their friends over dinner, or as grad as inspiring them to release their inner unicorn.


My only goal is to make people laugh and have a good time. We only live once… unless you are Buddhist.


I have also been known to dress up as a Shark, a Mermaid, Mario and many more.


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