Author:Austin Iuliano

30 day branding challenge day 6

Brand Personality Examples: How to add a little sizzle to your business Is your business a robot? Hell NO! Your brand has some personality and it needs to be showcased. In day 6 of the branding challenge video Emelina Spinelli of will show you some examples of where your brand...


30 day branding challenge day 5

Nurturing leads and how to show you are an expert Branding Challenge Day 5: How to Show You're an Expert & Nurture Relationships Lets assume for the minute you actually are very good at what you do for a living...


30 day branding challenge day 2

Know What Your Selling vs. What People Are Buying Branding Challenge Day 2 If I could only give you one tip on how to market yourself, or how to market your a product it would be this.  Know the difference between what you sell vs what people...