Ultimate Guide to Social Media

By Austin Iuliano

Periscope Analytics Review

Fullscope Periscope Analytic's Review At Periscope Summit, one of the big newsworthy topics was @alexpettitt talking about the release of a periscope analytics tool. He had a nice presentation and got all of us excited by the idea we could finally start breaking down all our...


How To Discover Your Perfect Client? Q+A

https://youtu.be/WcGw2XYO4FE "As a new entrepreneur should you have one ideal client to focus on or is good to spread the wings a little and try out different clients?" The answer is it depends. Ideally you should focus your time and energy on your perfect ideal client.  That...


What to Post on Instagram

https://youtu.be/Uk5urlSLvbg While Linkedin is for business contacts, Twitter is for news outlets, Instagram is about the lifestyle we desire. Instagram is a visual platform, and the best way to grow your following on this platform is to engage with it natively. We use an example of a...