Ultimate Guide to Social Media

By Austin Iuliano

30 day branding challenge day 1

How To Set A Better Goal https://youtu.be/sXQQa6Vf9lo Goal setting is statistically very important when it comes to achieving success. Research shows that writing down your goal you are 80% more likely to achieve it.  That being said I wanted to share with you a couple of goal...

Brand Strategy: Vision The Ultimate guide part 4

Brand Strategy: Brand Vision

How to Build a Brand Strategy—Brand Vision: Creating Leadership, Community and Culture (Part- 4)   Congratulations!  You have made business cards for yourself that say something fancy like CEO, President, or Founder.   Ok.. I can dig your aspirations, but don’t assume that because you have leader in your...


30 day branding challenge day 7

How To Network Like A Boss https://youtu.be/6uLKyU9s3mo This is day 7 of the branding challenge. Networking is the lifeblood of sales.  Entrepreneurs must spend time rubbing elbows with people and building relationships.  But their is an age old question...


30 day branding challenge day 6

Brand Personality Examples: How to add a little sizzle to your business https://youtu.be/ogyPhpNMlO0 Is your business a robot? Hell NO! Your brand has some personality and it needs to be showcased. In day 6 of the branding challenge video Emelina Spinelli of d.science will show you some examples of where your brand...


30 day branding challenge day 5

Nurturing leads and how to show you are an expert https://youtu.be/yfbcuNV8vg4 Branding Challenge Day 5: How to Show You're an Expert & Nurture Relationships Lets assume for the minute you actually are very good at what you do for a living...