5 Deadly Social Media Marketing Myths That Are Killing Your Succes

Over my 10+ years in the social media marketing industry, I’ve seen and heard it all. Every social media marketing myth under the sun. These are the things I’ve heard experts and gurus say to try and win clients and I’m here to set the record straight.

Myth #1: Every Business Needs To Be On Social Media and Have it Apart of Their Plan

Social Media Marketing Myths

This is a major myth every social media agency, consultant, expert, and guru will try and sell you. They want you to be on social media as it gives them more business. But not every business needs to be on social media.

If you are at a comfortable size in your business, you are making enough money and are happy. Then you absolutely do not need to be on social media. 

Some businesses are much better suited to focus on other areas of business growth. For example, a plumber whose clientele is often in a 5-10 mile radius would do much better focusing on local search engine optimization. Being the #1 search when someone puts “Plumber near me” is going to help your business more than having a strong Facebook presence.

You only want to be on social media if it makes sense to grow your business. 

Marketing Myth #2: You Must Create Great Content

To create a successful social media marketing campaign you must have three things, the right strategy, the right content and the right process. Missing just one of these things will result in a social media campaign that flops.

Social Media Marketing Myth
Social Media Marketing Success

Great content is important but without the right strategy and process, your content will not get in front of the right customers or drive the right metics.

A social media strategy will identify:

  1. Your Customer Persona
  2. Your Customer Journey
  3. A Social Media SWOT analysis
  4. What Content To Create 
  5. Which Social Media Platform To Focus On
  6. What Metrics To Track

If you have a process, it will allow you to be consistent in the quality of the content you create and the consistency in creating that content over time. You will be able to create marginal improvements over time and create steady growth. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work.

Myth #3: Social Media Marketing is Free

Creating a social media profile may be free but let’s not kid ourselves. Social media is expensive in time, energy, manpower, and advertising budgets. Social media is far from free. Even if you decide to DIY a social media strategy, you are in for many hours of Google research, creating content, testing results, and groping in the dark.

That is why I recommend hiring a social media consultant to help you get up to speed on the latest algorithm shifts, build a process that works for your business, and guide you through growing your business.

If you aren’t at a place to hire an expert then here are some great resources;

  1. Social Media Examiner has some of the most up to date social media content
  2. Skillshare has some great Facebook Advertising courses for under $10/mo.
  3. Roberto Blake on Youtube has amazing content on Youtube growth and creating a business

Myth #4: You Have To Be On (Insert Social Media Platform)

Your strategy drives which platform you should be on. This industry is rife with people talking like they know unequivocally what to do. Here is a little secret from someone in this industry.

We don’t know exactly what will work. Because the truth of the matter is that what worked 6 months ago doesn’t work today.

For example, if you are sharing basic photos on Instagram and expect to grow you are going to have a massive problem. With the release of Instagram Reels, Instagram has demoted its own video algorithm to push reels. 

The only “photos” that seem to be doing well are a style of content called shareable. I first heard this idea from Instagram Marketing Expert Emelina Spinelli. Basically mini infographics that communicate a lot of ideas fast.

The truth of the matter is that, while I don’t know exactly what is going to work for your business and brand. I have a really good idea from my years of experience and looking across my clients to see what’s going on.

Myth #5: You Can’t Make it In X Platform, it’s Too Late

This social media marketing myth is the only one that has a hint of truth. That said.

It’s never too late to start, period.

It is easier to grow in emerging social media platforms. I went from homeless to live streaming to over 1 million followers by jumping into the live streaming platforms early.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful starting in a platform now.

Heck, I created a Youtube channel just this year that is steadily growing a few subscribers every day.

Overall, If you have the right strategy, create the right content, and have a solid process you will win the social media game. Don’t listen to any gurus or experts who start spouting off one of these social media marketing myths.