Building Your Personal Brand

Building A Successful Personal Brand In 6 Steps

If you seek to become an authority or influential figure in your preferred niche, it is of the utmost importance to spend time building your personal brand. By self-branding, you have the opportunity to position yourself as one of the heavy-hitters and go-to individuals in your subject by showcasing your unique qualities and talents. 

If you’ve been interested in learning how to start your own personal brand, follow these six actionable steps to get started.

Building Your Personal Brand By Creating Content Strategically

Over my fifteen years, I have learned that there is an important secret to creating content for your personal brand. We have to start looking at creating content in the same way that we would look at creating a Venn Diagram.

In the first circle, put anything you have an interest in creating content about. The second circle contains all the content that people are searching for. By using this method, you will see the commonalities between what interests you and what interests your audience.

Add into this what area you can talk about with deep wisdom and finally make sure it helps drive your business forward. if you combine these 4 areas together, you’ll make content that resonates well and helps you massively in building your personal brand.

Be Very Specific With Your Audience

Speaking of your audience, the next step to build the personal brand of your dreams is to get very specific with your who your audience is, how you serve them, and how you can transform their lives.  

Let’s say you have $10,000 to market your brand for the year. That $10,000 represents the time, money, and sweat you can put into getting yourself out there and getting clients. There are 332 million people in the US right now – this means that you would have .0003 cents to reach everyone in America. That’s not very much, is it? However, if you were to define your audience down to the top 1,000 CEOs in America, that increases your budget to $10 per person. The main idea is to focus on your specific audience and create value and transformation for them.

Embrace Public Speaking

The fastest way to build authority as an expert is through public speaking. Public speaking has a fascinating psychological effect on people. Whenever somebody steps up and becomes a presenter, we automatically give them some authority and expertise, whether or not they know the subject. Just the sheer act of somebody stepping up is awe-inspiring to people. Your audience wants you to be an authority. If you show up and give them that information, you automatically create trust with your audience.

Build Paid, Loyal Customer Base

There is nothing wrong with offering free value when trying to build your personal brand; However, you never want to get stuck in a place where customers only value you if you are offering something for free. There comes a time when it is appropriate to move your relationship with your audience to the next level.

When you actually build an audience of people who have given you dollars and have voted with their wallets and chosen to support you, it changes the dynamic of the relationship. Instead of constantly producing free content and second-guessing the value of what you are offering, you now have an engaged, paying audience who you know without a doubt is in your corner.

Quality Over Quantity

Before you start to obsess over the number of paying customers in your corner, slow down and focus on the quality of your relationship with your audience – this is way more important than quantity. 

Don’t worry about subscribers and followers. Focus on creating loyalty. How do you do that? Instead of sending a mass message, send an audio or video message thanking people and engaging with them on a very personal level. Think about it: if you make a YouTube video and have 100 people view it, your mind automatically tells you that your video isn’t doing well. But if you have 100 people sitting in a room listening to what you have to say, you would be over the moon. All you have to do is change your perspective.

Pro Tip: I’ve found that building your personal brand through authentic connections far supersedes any other marketing tactic there is.

Be Vulnerable

Share with people when you mess up, are excited about something, or experience a fun quirk. It allows people to actually connect with you in a way that a basic social media interaction wouldn’t. It’s brilliant, and it also makes you feel better as a human being to know that you have the love and support of your audience.

In Conclusion

There are no shortcuts to building a personal brand, but it’s not impossible to get the results you are looking for. Keep the above steps in mind. You will start to see yourself building a loyal community of followers who will be excited and more than willing to engage with you, pay for your wisdom, and experience a powerful transformation in their lives, all while creating a successful business that you can be proud of.