2020 changed the world of public speaking. Now more than ever virtual keynotes have taken the center stage in leadership training and development for corporations, executives, and leadership teams.


Too often, digital workshops can be static, mediocre, and boring. What could feel engaging in person takes a completely different tone online. As the camera and zoom rooms decrease energy by 20-30%.


Austin has developed a specific methodology and expertise to develop highly engaging, charismatic presentations. Where audiences are effortless participating in the interactive workshop.


Austin’s virtual keynotes are not only jam-packed with actionable insights but also help participants connect more deeply to themselves, their own experience with teaching material, and to the community of participants in the room.


As your virtual keynote speaker, all my virtual keynotes and workshops are designed to be interactive and highly engaging. Turning passive listeners into active participants, engaged participants.

I guarantee that you will not only learn something new but have a blast doing it too!


All my workshops are specifically designed to turn the knowledge you learn into immediate action you can take to grow your business and brand. Whether it’s learning how to be charismatic on camera or I’m sharing the latest social media marketing best practices. As your virtual keynote speaker, I guarantee my workshops are action-packed, allowing the participants to improve almost overnight.


Being charismatic on camera is a unique skill. A skillset that Austin has mastered, being one of the first live streamers in the world. Austin’s has perfected the art of being an engaging speaker by live streaming on Periscope, Meerkat,, and Facebook Live.

Austin has developed a specific methodology and expertise to develop highly engaging, charismatic virtual keynote presentations. 




Charisma on Demand: Master Your On Camera Speaking Skills Virtual Keynote Workshop

Charisma On Demand: Master Your On Camera Speaking Skills

Being confident and charismatic on camera isn’t a natural skill— but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be great at it. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn the secrets to mastering your on-camera charisma, how to create amazing scripts that captivate and keep the attention and master your performance speaking on camera.

As a social media and viral content expert, Austin will lead your audience step by step in leveraging their expertise to speak on camera with confidence and charisma.

Main takeaways:

  • The fundamental skills to speaking on camera with confidence.
  • Real world immediate experience speaking on camera with active feedback
  • Immediate improvements in their on camera performance
  • An action plan to master on camera speaking
  • Knowing how to recover from unplanned events, and malfunctions
  • How to come up with on camera topics fast — creative speech inspiration

How to Build A Personal Brand Using Social Media

Creating an unstoppable personal brand allows you to command price premium, have leads and opportunities come to you instead of hunting them down, and allows you to spend more time on the things you love.

Building your brand on social media doesn’t mean spending all day commenting to “grow your followers,” who has time for that?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to cut through the noise of social media and create impact on your followers
  • Generate leads without spending all day on social media
  • Attract and retain your IDEAL client/customer
  • The 4 keys to “beating the algorithm”
  • The simple secret to social media that 99% of people mess up.
  • The secret to creating a product/market fit that reduces your marketing by over 90%.
  • My most powerful strategies I’ve used to create viral content, grow my following and build my brand
How to Build A Personal Brand using Social Media
The Art & Science Of Viral Content Marketing

The Art & Science of Viral Content Marketing

Creating viral content in social media has an exact science. After gaining 1,700-2,300 social shares on articles, going viral with 73,000 likes on Musically/TikTok and live streaming weekly to an extended network of over 1,000,000 fans — I’ve learned a thing or two to share about what it takes to frequently go viral. I’ll break down the necessary components of viral-worthy content, share examples of top viral campaigns, and help the audience create a viral campaign strategy with live, high-impact strategies and consulting in the Q&A.

You will learn:

  • How the Algorithms & platforms work, so you can “beat the algorithm” and create content that dominates.
  • How to engage the “viral content loop”
  • The 4 elements in every viral advertisement
  • The ingredients to creating highly engaging content How to dominate a niche even if it’s a competitive one
  • What metrics to look at and what they tell us about the content And much more

“Entertain, Educate, and Inspire.  I’ll be the best speaker you’ve ever hired!”

I guarantee it!

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